Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Simple Things

Maybe it's a sign that I'm getting older, but I'm finding that in cooking, as in life, sometimes the simplest things are the most delicious. Like this recipe for guacamole:

diced purple onion
lime juice
(minced garlic if you're feeling adventurous)

Mix those together (being liberal with the salt and lime juice) till it tastes good. Then spend those extra minutes you just saved (by making a simple dish) with the people you love. Those minutes are as delicious as the guac itself.

Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Rolls

Last night, my little sister and I (Meili) made summer rolls. (That's little sis. Isn't she cute?) They are made with thin rice paper, rice noodles, and all kinds of other yummy fillings. We made two types of roll: a shrimp roll with mint and carrot, and a veggie roll, which included avocado, basil, cucumber and carrot.

The mint and basil came from my backyard garden. Both fragrant herbs threw a flavorful punch!

We also made two dipping sauces: creamy peanut with lime and soy, and spicy hoisin with chili pepper and vinegar.

See that giant roll at the top of the southernmost plate? This is what happens when you try to eat a large roll that was rolled rather loosely: